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All manner of blind spots can undermine the security of companies and individuals…
Risk management is about having the courage to take the right steps before danger strikes.

The risk environment surrounding both companies and individuals is all-encompassing and more elaborate than any of us can truly imagine; scenarios where you might imagine “It could never happen to me” lurk in the path in front of businesses. These risks could show themselves today, tomorrow or at any time, and many companies and individuals learn the hard way that once “major problems caused by risks” have started to manifest, it may be too late to do anything about them.

Disaster insurance is considered one measure that can be taken to manage risk. However, the fact is that no insurance can ever cover the true value of companies and individuals.

JRM(NKK) is a professional organization working in the field of risk management which specializes in risk management operations including crime prevention to protect companies’ and individuals’ confidence in their activities; at JRM(NKK) personnel armed with specialist knowledge, including veteran police officers, meet clients’ needs by making full use of hands-on methods.

Our aim is not only to protect companies and individuals directly from risks which have already begun to manifest themselves, but also discover the factors which have given rise to problems and prevent reoccurrence; through this, we aim to get companies and individuals back to functioning as they should, and able to carry out their activities even more proactively than before, and through this to support a fundamental transformation which will lead to higher profits and a deeper level of trust.

What are the advantages of using JRM(NKK)?

JRM’S(NKK’s) crime prevention and risk management knowhow not only protects companies and individuals directly from crises/risks which are already manifesting themselves, but also follows up by proposing countermeasures and establishing measures for preventing reoccurrence in the future.

Through this, we feel confident in our ability to help companies and individuals to get their confidence back and carry out their activities more energetically than before, leading to higher profits and other indicators of success.

Company name Japan Risk Management Co., Ltd. (Nihon Kikikanri Kiko (NKK) Co., Ltd.)
Address 【the head [main] office】
20F Marunouchi Trust Tower, 1-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
TEL/FAX TEL:03-6269-3416 FAX:03-6420-0949
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【Career history】 After secondment to the National Police Agency, became Chief of Police of the Public Safety Division of the Nara Prefectural Police Department
Chief of Police of the Security Division of the Metropolitan Police Department (general officer in charge of security policing)
Chief of Akasaka Police Station of the Metropolitan Police Department
Retired as Chief of Police of the Fifth Police Bureau
expert in general risk management countermeasures



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