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Provides security to ensure safety with regard to threats or blackmail against companies and individuals, safety at various kinds of events including celebrity-focused events and artistic events, and unexpected incidents which occur requiring personal security

Handling of undue claims and various other external difficulties which can arise in the course of corporate activities (such as contracts, marketing, negotiations and advertising), countermeasures and measures to prevent reoccurrence

・Investigation/detection of internal irregularities
・Various investigation-related operations
・Information management

・Support for handling of complaints which are made to salespeople, managers etc.
・Creation and use of workable manuals created on a model that emphasizes the shop-floor level first and foremost
・Administrative support and complaint-handling at call centers
・Handling of dubious complaints and premeditated complaints motivated by financial considerations

 〜For various kinds of harassment frequently encountered in the workplace〜
・Power harassment
・Sexual harassment
・Moral harassment
・Gender harassment

■ Risk management seminars for managers and executives
■ Risk management seminars for management-level personnel and people with practical business experience
■ Risk management seminars for general personnel and new recruits in charge of practical business



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